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vietnamese /,vjetnə'mi:z/

Phát âm

Ý nghĩa

tính từ

  (thuộc) Việt nam

danh từ

  người Việt nam
  tiếng Việt


Tin tức liên quan

business 17/03/2021

Samsung tops Vietnamese smartphone market

companies | 28722386

Samsung increased its market share to 33 percent in the second quarter to become the largest smartphone brand in Vietnam.

sports 17/03/2021

Vietnamese cueist wins world virtual tournament

sports | 50822405

Ngo Dinh Nai was crowned champion of 3-cushion tournament UMB Virtual One Carom Challenge on Friday.

news 17/03/2021

Abandoned Frenchwoman searches for Vietnamese birth mother

news | 59422388

Léa Collet, abandoned by her birth mother at a HCMC hospital in 1995 and adopted by a Frenchwoman and taken to France, now wants to find her roots.

news 17/03/2021

Vietnamese cybersecurity researcher detects critical Windows vulnerability

news | 82422391

A Vietnamese security researcher has recently detected a critical security vulnerability on Microsoft Windows, potentially allowing attackers to take control of affected systems.

news 17/03/2021

Vietnamese reporters arrested for alleged blackmail

news | 82522397

Two journalists were detained for threatening to expose a company’s wrongdoings should it refuse to pay them VND250 million ($10,725).

news 17/03/2021

Vietnamese reporters arrested for alleged blackmail

news | 82622392

Two journalists were detained for threatening to expose a company’s wrongdoings should it refuse to pay them VND250 million ($10,725).


Từ vựng liên quan


Tin được xem nhiều nhất

news 22/03/2021

Vietnam among hardest hit by cryptomining attacks: security bulletin

news | 38152700

Vietnam is among nations hardest hit by cryptomining attacks this year, says Moscow-based multinational cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab.

business 17/03/2021

Vietnam lifts rice export ban

economy | 322705

Vietnam has lifted its ban on rice exports with immediate effect, allowing 400,000 tonnes to be shipped this month.

life 18/03/2021

Online ethnic minority comedies no laughing matter

trend | 95922669

Many Vietnamese YouTube channels have produced comedy videos portraying ethnic minority life through distorted facts and smutty jokes, causing community backlash.

news 17/03/2021

Hanoi relives historic, liberating moment

news | 80622648

An exhibition in Hanoi goes back 64 years, when the French troops officially withdrew from Vietnam.

news 17/03/2021

A winsome foursome presents a ‘Happy Vietnam’

news | 1222630

Viet, Nam, Hanh and Phuc whose first names combine to mean "Happy Vietnam" are healthy quadruplets growing in the southern province of Dong Thap.

business 17/03/2021

Coteccons begins new chapter, hopefully, after resolving feud with shareholders

companies | 90322628

Coteccons will replace two board members with nominees of two major shareholders with whom the management has had a running battle since 2017.

travel 20/03/2021

Lo Lo Chai: where time stands still

travel | 16762404

Lo Lo Chai is a village in the northern province of Ha Giang that has no modern construction.

news 21/03/2021

Four teen boys probed for gang rape of drunk girl

news | 35372398

Four teenage boys in northern Vinh Phuc Province are being investigated for allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl.

news 18/03/2021

Five Vietnamese men caught for smuggling Chinese

news | 96722505

Three men in southern Tay Ninh Province and two in northern Lao Cai Province have been arrested for helping Chinese nationals illegally enter Vietnam.

travel 17/03/2021

Golden rice season in northern Vietnam village Nam Hong

places | 522496

When fall begins towards the end of September and start of October, Nam Hong Village in Ha Giang Province radiates the amber hue of autumn.


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