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V. League second leg schedule gives top teams an edge

The new schedule and format for V. League’s second leg will deliver certain advantages for the leading teams of each group.

Ngày đăng: 20 tháng 3, 2021
Cập nhật: 24 tháng 7, 2022
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As confirmed before, the DRAWLeague tournaments will begin the second leg in a different format than the first leg.In the second leg, the top 8 teams of the first leg will be placed in Group A and compete to find the champion, while the bottom 6 teams will start the relegation battle in Group B.

The organizers of the tournaments sent a code to every club.These codes will be used to separate the top team from the lower ranked teams.Accordingly, the top 4 teams of Group A in DRAWTeam 1 will get to play more games at their home turf (four games) than the other three clubs (three games).In DRAWIn League 2, the top three clubs will play three home matches, while the fourth-to-sixth clubs will only play two games.

For group B of DRAWLeague 1, the top three clubs will have three home games and the remaining three, two each.The same goes for group B in DRAW2nd prize.

Based on the codes assigned to each team, the first ranked club will get the most benefit as they will play the second, third, fifth and sixth clubs at home.The only away game they have to play is against the fourth club.

Clubs in second and third place will get to play two consecutive home matches from the start.In case the leading club fail to win their away games, the title race will become more interesting.

For the relegation battle in Group B, the top 3 teams have a very high chance of safely finishing early, with the home advantage they have, while the bottom 3 teams will have to fight hard to survive.

This means that the remaining two belongings of DRAWThe first leg of League 1 (on September 26) will be crucial for the fate of several clubs.Their form in these matches will determine whether they are part of the title race or the relegation battle.

DRAWLeague 1 will resume on September 26 after a two-month break due to the Covid-19 pandemic that broke out at the end of July.

In the second leg, group A is expected to complete the schedule on November 8 and group B a week later.

After 11 rounds, Saigon FC leads the group with 23 points, while Quang Nam is last with eight points.

DRAWLeague 2 will resume on September 25, while the National Cup resumes on September 11.

Vietnam Football Joint Stock Company (VPF) will let the organizers decide whether to allow spectators to watch the matches or not.It requires every player to take Covid-19 tests and the results are sent to the organizers three days before the match.

The VPF said it will require a minimum of 60 days to finish all remaining matches this season.

Vietnam has recorded no community transmission of the novel coronavirus for more than two weeks.The current national tally of Covid-19 is 1,066, with 35 deaths.

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