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Phát âm

Ý nghĩa

* danh từ
  nốt út, nốt đồ

Các câu ví dụ:

1. His wife says: "I and [Phuong] planned to buy our child, ut, a motorbike should the harvest go well.

2. “I cried when I saw her running,” ut once told an AP reporter.

3. "If I don't help her - if something happens and she dies - I think I'll kill myself then," said ut, who set aside his camera and helped bring the girl and the another victim to the hospital.

4. Phan Thi Kim Phuc, the girl in the photo, is now a 54-year-old wife and mother living in Canada, and is a close friend of ut.

5. Photojournalist Nick ut and Kim Phuc (L) in Cologne, Germnay in front of a screen showing his iconic 1972 photograph of Phuc running from a napalm attack.

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