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Stranded visitors aid virus-stricken Da Nang

Some visitors from across Vietnam could have left Da Nang, Vietnam’s biggest Covid-19 hotspot, but decided to open a kitchen to feed those in quarantine for free instead.

Ngày đăng: 19 tháng 3, 2021
Cập nhật: 21 tháng 7, 2022
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When Vietnam lifted its social distancing campaign in late April, Hanoian Tran Phi Long rushed to Da Nang to open a beer club overlooking Han River to expand his restaurant chain.

Over the next three months, Vietnam has not recorded a single case of Covid-19 infection in the community.While international flights have remained suspended since the end of March, domestic travel has flourished over a three-month period, particularly in July.

Long, decorating his restaurant on Tran Van Tru Street, is scheduled to open on the first day of August.But about a week before this much-anticipated joy, Da Nang on July 25 announced the first locality of Vietnam infected with the disease in more than three months.

Three days later, the city booked more than 1.1 million residents are half-locked, with all traffic in and out suspended.Long stuck in the city, growing anxiety as daily infections spike across the central city.On July 31, it recorded its biggest spike with 45 cases in just one day.

On August 1, the scheduled opening of Long's beer club, there were no congratulations or congratulatory flowers - but dozens of masked people prepared more than 2,000 meals for hospitals and areas other bans in the city.

Long comes to the kitchen at 8 o'clock a.NS.He put on a mask, covered his hair with plastic and began to prepare rice, soup and dessert for two deliveries in the isolation ward at 10:30 a.NS.m and 5p.NS.Tired and exhausted, he looked like a senior manager of a chain restaurant at 9pNS.NS.

The place previously set for Long's beer club became the third volunteer "Danang Kitchen", founded on July 28 by Nguyen Truc Chi, a Saigonese living in Da Nang.

More than 100 food and beverage volunteers, including several top restaurant managers, responded to her call to set up a community kitchen that supplies hospitals and quarantines.

The volunteer kitchen, sourced from Da Lat, operates in full compliance with food safety regulations.All volunteers must be tested for the novel coronavirus and report their health status daily.Three shifts typically include about 10 volunteers per shift.

Meal boxes set out by "Da Nang Kitchen" volunteers.The menu changes every day.VnExpress / Hoang Phuong's photo.

Long and his team of 20 said they would set the dream of making money aside and together support Da Nang amid the public health crisis.

Preparing the lunch box was a challenge for the first time Long, who once ruined an order of 300 sets of rice.

Before Da Nang began shutting down at the end of July, more than 80,000 tourists had left the city due to new waves of infections.However, Bich Huong, the resort's communications director, chose to stay in the city to protect her parents in the Mekong Delta from the risk of infection.

Huong knew about Chi's Da Nang Kitchen initiative and participated.On peak days, volunteers were only allowed 3 to 4 hours of sleep.

Bich Huong (left) and a volunteer sticks "Da Nang Kitchen" logo on meal boxes.VnExpress / Hoang Phuong's photo.

Da Nang Kitchen, in close cooperation with the city’s health department, has been running over two weeks.All meals are screened by medical staff before being distributed.Currently, philanthropists exist thanks to community donations.

Long feels happiest in the mornings when there are no new infections in Da Nang, hoping the city will soon control the virus.

Meanwhile, Huong enjoys her "new job". but plans to fly back home immediately when Da Nang is free of Covid-19.

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