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Quang Nam ends social distancing after nine-day clean streak

Quang Nam Province, home to ancient town Hoi An in central Vietnam, ended social distancing on Friday morning after recording no new Covid-19 cases in nine days.

Ngày đăng: 17 tháng 3, 2021
Cập nhật: 30 tháng 7, 2022
Lượt xem: 2250585
Nguồn: vnexpress

The social distancing ended specifically in Duy Xuyen District, Dien Ban Town and Hoi An, making them the last Quang Nam localities to do so.

While public gatherings of more than two people are no longer prohibited, festivals, religious events, sports and other activities are still not allowed.Non-essential services such as beauty salons, clubs and bars remain closed.Public transport between Quang Nam and the neighboring city of Da Nang, the epicenter of the second wave of coronavirus in Vietnam, remains suspended.

Businesses like restaurants and hotels are allowed to stay open, but must provide protective clothing to all employees, along with hand sanitizer and body temperature checks for customers.Masks are still required when going out and therefore, people should keep an appropriate distance, at least one meter apart.

Quang Nam began implementing social distancing measures at the end of July when the number of new Covid-19 infections increased, starting from Hoi An on July 31 and Dien Ban Town, Dai Loc and Duyen districts. Xuyen, Thang Binh and Que Son a day later.Que Son, Thang Binh and Dai Loc ended social distancing in mid-August.

The province has recorded 96 local cases of Covid-19 since July 25, when Vietnam reported its first locally transmitted case in more than three months.Up to now, Quang Nam has recorded 3 deaths from Covid-19 out of a total of 30 deaths in the country.

Up to now, Vietnam has had 1,036 Covid-19 cases, 367 active cases.

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