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Phát âm

Ý nghĩa

* danh từ
  (PR) <vt> của public relations <thgt> (giao tế; quan hệ quần chúng)
  vt của pair (đôi, cặp)
  vt của price (giá)

Các câu ví dụ:

1. The Cannes Lions International Festival had "nothing else to add to this” following the release of Ogilvy's formal statement, the festival's PR officer Isobel Diamond told VnExpress International in an e-mail.

2. In response to the petition, CGV Corporate PR Manager Luu Hanh stated in a press release: “CGV has always obeyed Vietnam’s regulations on film distribution and screening.

3. ” Nguyen Phuong Chau, a PR representative for FPT, said no company would publish this information if it wasn't for the law, a desire for international trade and a vision to bring the company closer to ultimate transparency.

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world 21/03/2021

'Where is Singapore?': Trump-Kim summit a PR coup for tiny city-state

world | 19765113

'The summit has arguably been the most important event that brought Singapore to the attention of the world.'

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