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is /iz/

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Các câu ví dụ:

1. Existing legislation does not impose fines on those who use counterfeit goods, but in many other countries it is considered a crime to purchase and use these products.

2. In addition, the fight against counterfeiting is more difficult because some products are imported into the domestic market as spare parts for finished products, making it almost impossible for the authorities to identify them.

3. Record-breaking fantasy epic "Game of Thrones" is back in the competition and once again looking to slay its rivals.

4. As demand has kept rising at an average rate of 10 percent a year, much higher than the economic growth rate, Phuc reckons thrifty consumption is the most important and urgent requirement to ensure energy security in the next five years.

5. The average for the rest of the country is less than half: 22.

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