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Nghĩa của từ consulate

Cách phát âm, ý nghĩa, ví dụ, các từ khác liên quan, các bài báo chứa thông tin về từ vựng consulate

consulate /'kɔnsjulit/

Phát âm

Ý nghĩa

danh từ

  chức lãnh sự
  toà lãnh sự
  (sử học) chế độ tổng tài (Pháp)
  chức chấp chính tối cao (cổ La mã)

Các câu ví dụ:

1. consulate in Ho Chi Minh City has denied multiple visa requests from a Vietnamese woman seeking to visit her dying father in California.

2. The decision was reversed after the family started an online petition  calling on the consulate and President Donald Trump to issue Hoa a visa, which was initially denied for fear she would stay in the U.

3. All Chinese staff at the consulate are safe, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said.

4. A blast and gunshots rang out early on Friday in the affluent Clifton neighbourhood, where the consulate is located, and a plume of smoke rose over the area after the explosion.

5. Organized by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam in partnership with the consulate General of Canada in Ho Chi Minh City, the charity run honors Terry Fox's earnest efforts and nurtures his dream of finding a new way of life.

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Saudi Arabia admits Khashoggi killed in Istanbul consulate: state media

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Saudi Arabia on Saturday admitted that dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed inside its consulate in Istanbul, two weeks after his disappearance sparked global furore.

 Rebels attack Chinese consulate in Pakistan
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Rebels attack Chinese consulate in Pakistan's Karachi, two police killed

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Three suicide bombers attacked the Chinese consulate in Pakistan’s southern city of Karachi early on Friday, but were killed before entering the building.

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