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Nghĩa của từ congestion

Cách phát âm, ý nghĩa, ví dụ, các từ khác liên quan, các bài báo chứa thông tin về từ vựng congestion

congestion /kən'dʤestʃn/

Phát âm

Ý nghĩa

danh từ

  sự đông nghịt, sự tắt nghẽn (đường sá...)
a congestion of the traffic → sự tắc nghẽn giao thông
  (y học) sự sung huyết

  sự quá tải

Các câu ví dụ:

1.   "This (new overnight tours) will increase the efficiency of the bus stations, meet the needs of passengers, reduce congestion during peak hours and facilitate traffic management," the representative said.

2. The new proposal for retaining a higher share of its revenues would buttress the city’s autonomy, and help it fund important projects to deal with the chronic problems of traffic congestion and urban flooding.

3. Ho Chi Minh City plans to build five elevated roads totaling more than 70 kilometers to ease urban congestion, but has yet to begin on any of them.

4. Nguyen Van Tung, director of Tay Bac travel firm, said holiday crowds have led to traffic congestion and hotel room overload.

5. Bui Hoa An, deputy head of the city's Department of Transport, said he would continue to collect feedback for this plan "not only aimed at reducing air pollution in the city but also congestion.

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Tin tức liên quan

 Hanoi plans road toll for downtown areas to reduce congestion
news 17/09/2021

Hanoi plans road toll for downtown areas to reduce congestion

news | 322395502

A draft plan prepared by the Hanoi administration will seek to restrict entry downtown areas via automatic toll fees.

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