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Nghĩa của từ brink

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brink /briɳk/

Phát âm

Ý nghĩa

danh từ

  bờ miệng (vực)
on the brink of war → bên cạnh hố chiến tranh
on the brink of the grave → kề miệng lỗ

Các câu ví dụ:

1. The anti-dumping duty aims to minimize losses being caused to the domestic aluminium producing industry, which is on the brink of bankruptcy due to large amounts of cheap Chinese aluminium being imported into Vietnam, the ministry noted.

2. Drought in Somalia has left 185,000 children on the brink of famine but that figure is expected to reach 270,000 in the next few months, said UNICEF.

3. Conservationists say the trade has already severely depleted animal populations, especially in Africa, and threatens to wipe out critically vulnerable species like elephants and rhinos already on the brink of extinction.

4. The world is standing on the brink of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a term introduced by Germany around two years ago to project a new period of fundamental changes to global production with a wave of new technology.

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