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Nghĩa của từ applause

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applause /ə'plɔ:z/

Phát âm

Ý nghĩa

danh từ

  tiếng vỗ tay khen ngợi; sự hoan nghênh, sự tán thưởng
to be greeted with applause → được chào bằng tràng vỗ tay
to win the applause of... → được... hoan nghênh
  sự tán thành

Các câu ví dụ:

1. Marijuana is finally allowed and sexual harassment finally isn't," quipped Globes host Seth Meyers in his opening remarks, bringing wild applause from the A-list audience in Beverly Hills.

2. "The only way we're going to take sexism out of politics is to get more women into politics," she said with warm applause while promoting the book "What Happened" mine.

3. Trudeau's explanation on quantum computing generated cheers and applause from the room and set social media abuzz.

4. The other 99 senators erupted in applause and cheers when the 80-year-old strode into the chamber half an hour into an extraordinarily tense showdown over health care reform, walked to the center well and cast the final vote.

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