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Nghĩa của từ ant

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ant /ænt/

Phát âm

Ý nghĩa

danh từ

  (động vật học) con kiến
red (wood) ant → kiến lửa
winged ant → kiến cánh
white ant → con mối

Các câu ví dụ:

1. He carried a bamboo ladder and a sharp knife and searched for ant nests in the trees.

2. “When you are bitten by an ant, you need to stay calm and find a way to chase the ants, because jumping up and down will attract more ants.

3. " The trays with ant eggs are sieved to get rid of dried leaves and other stuff.

4.   They eggs are then made into various dishes such as fried ant eggs with lemon grass, porridge with eggs, stir-fried eggs.

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