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Angkor style 'che' in Saigon

A stall selling various kinds of 'che with an Angkor twist has been attracting thousands of Saigoneers for more than 40 years.

Ngày đăng: 13 tháng 9, 2021
Cập nhật: 16 tháng 1, 2023
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The stall is located in the Cambodian market in alley 374 on Le Hong Phong street in Saigon. It is open from 6am until sunset. The 46-year-old stall provides a wide range of sweet treats.

The owner lived in Cambodia beforing returning to Vietnam in 1970 to open the che stall. 'Che' hat mit is made mainly from egg yolks and green beans.

Mi trung is made from strips of egg yolk mixed with coconut milk and syrup.

'Che thung' is cooked from a variety of beans, taro, mushrooms and coconut.

'Che chuoi' is banana paired with sesame, palm sugar and coconut.

Steamed banana and cassava are chopped into bite-sized pieces, ready to be covered in coconut milk.

'Xoi xiem' is the favorite desert at the stall. The batter is made from a mixture of flour, egg and palm sugar and filled with sticky rice.

'Che troi nuoc' are white balls of dough filled with ground green beans dipped in sugar palm broth.

'Che tao xon' is made with green beans and tapioca starch and then served with crispy fried dough.

The pumpkin flan is the most popular dish at the stall. The filling is a mixture of flour and egg stuffed in a pumpkin and then steamed.

Coconut jelly is served with durian milk and 'banh lot', made of rice, salt, tapioca starch, coconut milk and sugar.

Banh bo is made from palm sugar and paired with coconut milk and sesame.

'Che dau' is made of red beans and pineapple leaves.

'Che thap cam' is the easiest way to have everything in one bowl

The key factor to draw customers is the sweet broth made from palm sugar and durian.

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