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A winsome foursome presents a ‘Happy Vietnam’

Viet, Nam, Hanh and Phuc whose first names combine to mean "Happy Vietnam" are healthy quadruplets growing in the southern province of Dong Thap.

Ngày đăng: 17 tháng 3, 2021
Cập nhật: 21 tháng 6, 2022
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Tran Thi Tinh with her daughters: Tran Thi Minh Hanh, Tran Thi Minh Nam, Tran Thi Minh Phuc, and Tran Thi Minh Viet at their home in Dong Thap Province.Together, their names form the phrase "Viet Nam Hanh Phuc" means "Happy Vietnam."

Tinh gave birth to the quadruplets in 2012.This phenomenon occurs naturally once in 700,000 births.They were doctors from Tu Du Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.“Those are meaningful names, so our family kept them,” Mr. Tinh said.

The children are attending second grade at a school one kilometers away from home.Love takes them to school on bicycles every morning.The four of them walked home in the afternoon.

Form teacher Diep Thi Phuong Lan watches Phuc write on the blackboard.

"At first, I had a hard time distinguishing the four.It took me a while to be able to tell them apart by their personalities," Lan said.“The girls are all obedient, inquisitive and friendly."They're bubbly and fun, running around all the time."

Phuc (R) and Nam revise lessons before a class.The girls study both morning and afternoon.

Schooling costs the parents VND5 million ($215) per month.Although public primary schools in Vietnam do not charge tuition fees, they do charge facilities and other expenses.

Two sisters tour the neighborhood on a bicycle after school, still in their uniforms.

The girls’ favorite pastime is to swim in the canal in front of their house.“Our dad taught us to swim at the age of 5 so we can swim very well,” Hanh grins.

Tinh said that even she and her husband used to mistake one girl for another all the time."Over time, we gradually became able to recognize them by moles, skin color and voice," she said.

Viet has her hair tied by her mother while her sisters giggle in the background.The family has another 11-year-old daughter and an 8-year-old son.To make a living, his father Tran Huu Dong had to emigrate to work in factories in Ho Chi Minh City and nearby Binh Duong province.

Tinh works as a hired worker for local farmers.

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